The DogDance Academy is a place where you can find video tutorials on many subjects such as Dog Dance, BTB-T, and Attention, Coordination and Stamina. Every topic in each category will be marked as Essential (E), Basic (B), Medium (M) or Advanced (A), and it is advised that you only move on to the next stage once you have mastered the previous one/s.


Dog Dance

  • Teaching Heelwork with precision and flow;
  • Teaching Freestyle exercises;
  • Motivation / Focus / Attention;
  • Teaching transitions and sequences;
  • Learning performance criteria: signalling, fluency, effort, variation, forms;
  • Learning how to use the ring space;
  • Choosing Music and how to Choreograph a Routine;


Bridge-Target-Barrier Training (BTB-T)

As well as Dog Dancing subjects, we provide tutorials on BTB-T, a training system invented by Attila Szkukalek, that combines the components of different training techniques; capturing, shaping (clicker training), luring, target and barrier training.

To give the Participants a thorough understanding to sharpen their general and BTB-T training skills.

  • Understanding Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Reinforcements; how to condition “Keep Going” or “Continue” signals and when to use them. Efficacy of “Continue” signals versus Shaping.
    • Using Reinforcers to reinforce movement and position; when to click and when and where to deliver the reward.
  • Exercises to practice and sharpen the Trainer’s Reinforcing Skills; using Primary and Secondary Reinforcers.
  • Targets and Barriers; what they are and how to use them to achieve fast and precise learning in different dog disciplines.
    • Teaching multiple criteria with accuracy and speed. E.g. teaching heelwork with 4 criteria at the same time using bridges targets and barriers.
    • Using BTB-T to avoid frustration and displacement behaviours, e.g. barking.
  • Conditioning Cues as Discriminative Stimuli (Commands) and Cues as Continue Signals, Tertiary Reinforcers;


Attention, Coordination & Stamina

The goal of this category is to teach your dog to concentrate; be motivated to respond to their owners; perform at faster or lower speed with precision; and eliminate barking during performance. This will help develop the animals' emotional control, concentration, coordination, and strength, as well as their physical and mental Stamina.

  • Become focused and motivated to work by conditioning start and finish signals;
  • Learn to relax and not to waste their energy;
  • We will teach attention exercises. In order to develop concentration and stamina, so that your dog is able to work for long periods;
  • We will practice exercises to develop coordination, muscular flexibility and core strength;
  • And last but not least, we will teach how to warm-up and cool-down your dog to avoid muscular and skeletal injuries, making them able to perform to their physical abilities.