The DogDance Academy is a place where you can find video tutorials on many subjects such as Dog Dance, BTB-T, and Attention, Coordination and Stamina.


Dog Dance

  • Teaching Heelwork with precision and flow;
  • Teaching Freestyle exercises;
  • Motivation / Focus / Attention;
  • Teaching transitions and sequences;
  • Learning performance criteria: signalling, fluency, effort, variation, forms;
  • Learning how to use the ring space;
  • Choosing Music and how to Choreograph a Routine;


Bridge-Target-Barrier Training (BTB-T)

As well as Dog Dancing subjects, we provide tutorials on BTB-T, a training system invented by Attila Szkukalek, that combines the components of different training techniques; capturing, shaping (clicker training), luring, target and barrier training.

To give the Participants a thorough understanding to sharpen their general and BTB-T training skills.

  • Understanding Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Reinforcements; how to condition “Keep Going” or “Continue” signals and when to use them. Efficacy of “Continue” signals versus Shaping.
    • Using Reinforcers to reinforce movement and position; when to click and when and where to deliver the reward.
  • Exercises to practice and sharpen the Trainer’s Reinforcing Skills; using Primary and Secondary Reinforcers.
  • Targets and Barriers; what they are and how to use them to achieve fast and precise learning in different dog disciplines.
    • Teaching multiple criteria with accuracy and speed. E.g. teaching heelwork with 4 criteria at the same time using bridges targets and barriers.
    • Using BTB-T to avoid frustration and displacement behaviours, e.g. barking.
  • Conditioning Cues as Discriminative Stimuli (Commands) and Cues as Continue Signals, Tertiary Reinforcers;


Attention, Coordination & Stamina

The goal of this category is to teach your dog to concentrate; be motivated to respond to their owners; perform at faster or lower speed with precision; and eliminate barking during performance. This will help develop the animals' emotional control, concentration, coordination, and strength, as well as their physical and mental Stamina.

  • Become focused and motivated to work by conditioning start and finish signals;
  • Learn to relax and not to waste their energy;
  • We will teach attention exercises. In order to develop concentration and stamina, so that your dog is able to work for long periods;
  • We will practice exercises to develop coordination, muscular flexibility and core strength;
  • And last but not least, we will teach how to warm-up and cool-down your dog to avoid muscular and skeletal injuries, making them able to perform to their physical abilities.